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How do I install a driver from the website?


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To install a PJ6xxx driver on Windows and Mac OSX


  1. Ensure that the printer's USB port is not connected to the computer.  Do not connect your printer to the computer until instructed to do so.  If your printer is already connected, unplug the USB cable.
  2. Determine what Windows operating system you have and make a note of what your operating system and which version, 32-bit or 64-bit. For Mac OSX, click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner, and click "About This Mac".


NOTE: Mac OSX 10.7 and higher users must download the driver from our website, as the driver is not part of the disc included with the printer.


  1. Go to to download the most recent driver.


  1. Select the model of the printer you have and click the View button.
  2. Under the your results heading click on Pocket Jet Driver Downloads on Brother Solutions Center
  3. In step one select your operating system, in step two select your language, and then click on the Search button
  4. Under the Printer Driver heading click on Download & Information
  5. Before clicking on the download button read and follow the How to Download and Install instructions


For Windows driver download installation: After downloading the driver for your correct operating system, and printer, go to the folder that you downloaded the file to.  Double click on it, and select a folder to unzip the files to (Hint: Unzip to desktop for easy access, user can click the "Browse" button to do this).  Click "Unzip".  Once this is completed, navigate to the location you just unzipped to, and you will find a new folder created with the same name as the file you downloaded earlier.  Open this folder, and double click on the "D_SETUP" file.


NOTE: There are files in this folder that have similar names such as dsetup.  Ensure that you have selected D_SETUP.


Click Next, and follow on-screen instructions.


For Mac driver download installation (OSX 10.7 or higher must do this): Download the driver for your operating system.  Navigate to the location you downloaded the driver .dmg file to.  Double click on it, then double click on the .pkg file shown, and follow on screen instructions.


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