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How do I locate the driver for my operating system?

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Copy and paste the below URL into your web browser

The following web page will appear


You may select your machine by product category, by product type, or by searching by the model number.  If you would like to search by model number but you are unsure what the model number is select "How to identify your model" and the following dialog box will help you find the model number

NOTE: the following graphics my vary depending upon the model machine and the operating system selected.


Once you have found and clicked on your model number the following will appear,

select "Downloads"

Under Step 1 use the scroll down window to find and then select your operating system

Under step 2 use the scroll down window to find and then select the language you prefer. Then click on search

Under the Printer Driver heading click on download & information in the file box

When the above appears read and follow all the instructions in the "How to Download and Install dialog box". 

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