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Description of Problem 100000032322

My scanner does not scan when the Scan to PC button is pushed, what can I do?

Description of Solution 200000041484

To scan a document using the Scan to PC button on the scanner requires that the Brother MFL-Pro Suite be properly install on the PC.   Ensure that the scanner is properly connected to the computer.  If the scanner is not connected, the scan to PC button will not glow green.

Ensure that all of the Scan to PC settings are correctly entered.

Load the document to be scanned on to the scanner.  If the document is not correctly loaded on to the scanner when the Scan to PC button is pressed the Scan to PC button light will not blink but stay in a steady green state.

Press the scan to PC button on the scanner. The scan to PC button will start blinking and if a default application has not been set up there will appear on the PC screen an opportunity to select an application. To select an application, click on the application desired and click the OK button.

NOTE: To make the application selected the default application, check the Always use this program for this action check box, before clicking the OK button.


 If after selecting an application from the box or if an application has been selected a few seconds will pass and the scanner will start scanning the document.  


If this does not happen and the scan to PC button continues to blink remove and reinstall the Brother MFL-Pro Suite.


Should the issue persist call Customer Service at 1-877-2768437

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