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Description of Problem 100000032382

The machine does not turn on (no power) when using "AA" batteries, how can I correct this?

Description of Solution 200000041557

1. Remove the back cover and all the batteries from the machine.


2. Examine the battery terminals to see if there are any abnormalities.  They should be bright metallic appearance and look the same next to each other.


3. Insert the first three batteries (bottom set) with their �+� POSITIVE ends pointing toward the top edge of the machine.  Next, insert the last three batteries (top set) with their �+� POSITIVE ends pointing toward the bottom edge of the machine.



4. Close the back cover and press the On/Off button (Red button).   If the machine does not turn ON, replace ALL six "AA" batteries with all new alkaline batteries, NOT just two or three batteries


Note: If using rechargeable batteries, please test the machine with new alkaline batteries. 


5. Try resetting the machine.


A.    Hold down the Shift key and the R key.


B.    While holding down the Shift and R keys, press the power On/Off key once.


C.    Finally release the Shift and R keys.



6. Are all the batteries same brand (Duracell, Energizer, etc)?  Note the brand in the call comments.  If they are not same, ask the customer to put in new batteries, all with the same brand name, and test the machine again.


7. What is the �Use by Date� on the batteries?  One of the batteries could be old (exhausted).  Note the date in the call comments; ensure none are exhausted. 


8. If all the batteries are the same brand and the �Use by Date� has not been reached.  Inform the customer that most of the time the problem is caused by the batteries.  If the machine is under warranty offer the customer a set of batteries at no charge. (Order 6 �BICABATT� from TN2P).


If the problem continues, determine if the machine is in warranty using the Serial Number.  If the Serial Number shows the machine was manufactured within 27 months, warranty options can be offered.  If the Serial Number indicates that the machine is 28 months or older, request a copy of the POP or confirm the Product Registration date.  If the date on the POP or Product Registration is within 25 months, warranty options can be offered.   If the machine is within warranty, offer the customer the warranty options of an exchange (reconditioned or new depending on "S" product listing) or servicing at a Brother Authorized Service Center at Brother�s expense.  If the machine is out of warranty, refer the customer to a Brother Authorized Service Center for servicing at the customer�s expense. 



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