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How do I install the Brother MFL-Pro suite from the CD in Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 using the Wireless Network interface?

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1.  Before installing the Software, the machine must be powered on and connected to the wireless network.  For instructions on how to connect to the wireless network, refer to ONE of the following solutions:


-         "How do I join the Brother machine to an Infrastructure Wireless Network?"


-         "How do I join the Brother machine to an Adhoc Wireless Network?"


-         "How do I join the Brother machine to an Infrastructure Wireless Network using AOSS?"


-         "How do I join the Brother machine to an Infrastructure Wireless Network using WPS Wi-Fi Protected Setup?"


2. Ensure that you are logged on to your computer with Administrator rights.  If you are using a personal firewall (other than Windows Firewall), anti-spyware, or antivirus applications, temporarily disable them.


3. Insert the Brother Installer CD into your PC.  If the model name screen appears, choose your machine.  If the Language screen appears, choose your language.


NOTE: If the Brother screen does not appear automatically, go to (My) Computer, double-click the CD-ROM icon, and then double-click start.exe.


4. Click Install MFL-Pro Suite and click Yes if you accept the license agreements.



5. Click YES if you agree to the terms of the license agreements.


6. Choose Wireless Network Connection, and then click NEXT.


7.  Select Change the Firewall port settings to enable network connection with the installation. (Recommended)  Click Next.


NOTE: If you are using a firewall other than the Windows Firewall or the Windows Firewall is off, then click OK when you receive the firewall warning screen.



You will need to open the following ports:


-      For network scanning, add UDP port 54925.

-      For network PC-Fax receiving, add UDP port 54926.

-      If you still have trouble with your network connection, add UDP port 137 and 161.


8.  If the wireless settings fail and the machine is not found on the network, the Wireless Device Setup Wizard will appear during the installation of the MFL-Pro suite. Choose one of the following methods to resolve this issue based on your configuration. 


-         If you are certain that your machine is already successfully connected to your network with a valid IP address, then perform a custom install. Refer to: The machine is successfully joined to my network wirelessly, but during the software installation for Windows I receive the Wireless LAN Setup Wizard instructing me to join the machine to the network again. What can I do?


-         If your machine is not already successfully connected to the network with a valid IP address, or you are not sure if it is, then complete one of the solutions in STEP 1 to connect your machine to the wireless network.  Or refer to: How do I configure the wireless MFC and install the software in Windows using the Setup wizard on the CD?


9. If prompted, choose your machine from the list, and then click NEXT.



10.  The installation of the Brother drivers will automatically continue.  The installation screens appear one after the other.  Do not cancel any of the screens during the installation.  It may take a few moments for all screens to appear.


NOTE: If a Windows Security screen appears, click the check box and click Install to complete the installation correctly.


11. If you receive the Environmental Advice for Imaging Equipment screen, read the message and then click Next to continue the installation.


12.  When the On-Line Registration screen is displayed, make your selection and follow the instructions. Then click Next to continue the installation.


13.  If you do not want to set your machine as the default printer, uncheck Set as Default Printer and then click Next.


14. When the second Setup Complete window appears, you may enable (check) or disable (uncheck) any of the following settings as desired and then click NEXT to continue the installation:


-      OmniJoin – Online Meetings from Brother.  Learn more about FREE web conferencing trial offer.


-      Brother Product Research and Support Program – Help us plan enhancements to our products.


15. Select Yes, I want to restart my computer now.  Click Finish.  After restarting the computer, you must log on with Administrator rights.



16. When the computer restarts, the following screens will appear:


-      When the Software Update Setting screen appears, choose the software update setting you wan and click OK.


-      If the Brother Product Research & Support Program starts up, follow the on-screen instructions if you would like to participate.


-      You may receive an option with a link to the Brother Help site where you can find answers to frequently asked questions.


NOTE: Internet access is required for the software update and the Brother Product Research & Support Program.



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