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Description of Problem 100000032547

I just updated the print driver for my Pocket Jet printer and now the print is garbled. What can I do?

Description of Solution 200000041749

With the latest release of the PocketJet series drivers (all 4 models, PJ673 excluded), the new driver defaults with Data Compression ENABLED.  This is not compatible with Firmware versions earlier than 2.02. 

We are working to change this; however, in the mean time, anyone who downloads a driver and has an earlier version of firmware on their printer will get garbled output with random characters and continuous blank pages when they try to print.


The following remedy for this applies to ALL PJ6 printers (excluding PJ673):


1)    Click the START button, and go to 'DEVICES AND PRINTERS' (WinVista/Win7)  Click the START button, and go to 'PRINTERS AND FAXES' (WinXP)

2)    Right click on the printer, click on 'PRINTER PROPERTIES' (WinVista/Win7) Right click on the printer, click on 'PROPERTIES' (WinXP)

3)    Click on the 'PREFERENCES' button.

4)    Click on the 'ADVANCED' button.

5)    The last option at the bottom is 'DATA COMPRESSION', and will be set to 'ENABLE'.

6)    Change this option to 'DISABLE', click 'OK' and then click 'OUT' through the remaining screens.

7)    Turn the printer off, then back on, and then do a test printing to verify that it is working correctly.


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