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Description of Problem 100000032586

My printer is cutting off a portion of the citation what should I do?

Description of Solution 200000041803

This issue generally happens when the paper settings are not set up correctly, please follow the below listed steps.



1.    Open the Control Panel or Devices and Printers window.  Should you need assistance in finding or opening one of these windows please call Brother Customer Support listed below

2.    Right click on the PJ6xx printer.

3.    Click on Printing Preferences.

4.    Click on the ADVANCED button.

5.    Using Perforated Roll paper, or Fan Fold paper, change the 'Paper Type' to "Perforated Roll Retract", and change 'Form Feed Mode' to "End of Page Retract".

6.    Click OK out of all screens, and perform 2 test prints.    


NOTE: It will take 2 test prints for the printer and paper to align, so please print at least 2 test prints.



The machine has a one year limited depot warranty. If the machine requires service, call Brother Mobile Solutions Customer Service at 1-800-543-6144 Monday through Friday, excluding holidays for a Return Authorization number.





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