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How do I use the carrier sheet?

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You may use the carrier sheet to scan clippings, photos, and other odd-shaped pages.

NOTE: Make sure documents with ink or correction fluid are completely dry.

Make sure the carrier sheet is not loaded into the scanner upside down.

Using the carrier sheet, scan only one document at a time. 

Should the carrier sheet become damaged or worn you; to purchase the carrier sheet contact Brother Accessories Sales 1-888-879-3232 the carrier sheet part number is LD0658001

Set the document in the left of the Carrier Sheet and align the top of the document with the top of the carrier sheet.



Set the carrier sheet, reference 1 below, with the document facing up and the black area feeding first in the feeder slot, 2 below, and align the left edge of the carrier sheet with the left edge of the feeder slot, 2 below.

Slide the document guide, 3 above, against the right edge of the carrier sheet

Gently insert the carrier sheet until you feel the top edge of the carrier sheet touch the inside of the scanner


When scanning using the carrier sheet you can remove the approximately 1/2" black line at the top by using DSmobileCapture:

After opening DSmobileCapture click on setup


In the popup window select the paper tab


Change cropping to Fix for Transfer



At this time you may select the document size you desire in the Scan Area drop down list


Next adjust the Y offset to about .5 inches or until the black line at the top of the scan results is removed


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