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How do I scan and use the DS scanner with a Macintosh Operating System?

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If you need assistance on navigating the Brother Website to download software, Drivers and Utilities, please CLICK HERE to view instructions.


After downloading and installing the latest scanner driver successfully from our website, please perform the following steps:

NOTE:  The following steps only apply to Macintosh OS X 10.8 and below.  For the later versions Apple has removed the Image Capture software.

For Macintosh 10.9 and 10.10 versions please see How do I scan with the DSmobileCapture application on my Macintosh computer?

  1. Run the Image Capture application. Choose Go => Application => Image Capture.
  2. Check your Brother Scanner is chosen in the left section.
  3. Check the Kind and Resolution settings, and try to change it.

    You can choose the following scan types. Below we have listed the file size settings large to small:

    -Color (Largest file size)
    -Black & White
    -Text (Smallest file size)

    This is a measure of the amount of detail in an image or a file. The bigger the number is, the bigger the file size is.

Note:  To greatly reduce the file size, choose Text. If you need to scan the document in color, reduce the Resolution instead of choosing Text.

  1. Click Scan.
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