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How do I create, change, edit, or modify the Ptouch Address Book template?

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1.    Click Media Type to make sure the label size inside the label printer is matching up with the layout.


2.    If you want to change or modify the layout or label size, please perform the following steps: Click Layout menu, Edit/Create Layout.



3.       Click Paper icon, Check Media, and then change/modify the layout if needed.


4.       Click File menu, Save As.

5.       a.  Under Save in:, click the arrow down key and go to this path => C:\Program Files\Brother\PtAdrBook11\Layout Style\Roll and then select a folder that you want to save it under.


b.       Under File name:  name your file.


c.       Under Save as type:  click the drop down arrow and select PTouch Address Book Template *.lbx and then click Save button.



6.       Go back to the PTouch Address Book, click View menu and then click Refresh.


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