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When running the driver installer, the next button does not appear. What should I do?

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The next button not appearing is normally the result of the downloaded driver not matching the model of the printer and or the operating system.   If either the printer model or the operating system is incorrect the installation of the download will not be successful.


1. Check your computer and write down the operating system and if it is a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system.

         a. Click on the start button

         b. Right click on "Computer" (Windows Vista/7/8), or "My Computer" (Windows XP)

         c. Click "Properties".   You will see in the details what version you have.

2. Turn your printer upside down so that the printer model number is visible and write down the model number, for example PJ663.

3. With these two vital pieces of information go to the following URL:

4. Select your printer model

5. Select Downloads

6. Select the operating system (be sure to choose 32 or 64 bit, accordingly from step 1)

7. Select the language

8. Click Search

9. Click the "Download & Information" link.

10. Read and follow "How to Download and Install"

11. Click the "Download" button.

12. Save the file to a location that is easy to find, such as your desktop.

13. Run the driver installer.


The machine has a one year limited depot warranty. If the machine requires service, call Brother Mobile Solutions Customer Service at 1-800-543-6144 Monday through Friday, excluding holidays for a Return Authorization number.


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