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How do I calibrate my scanner (Windows)?

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Calibrate your scanner only if the scanned images start to look …


a)    Fuzzy.

b)    Color looks abnormal (e.g., darker than normal).

c)    After more than 8,000 scans.

d)    Scanner has been stored without use for a long time.


You will need the Calibration Sheet that came with your scanner to successfully perform calibration. 

You may purchase the calibration sheet by contacting Brother Accessories Sales 1-888-879-3232.  

The calibration sheet part number for DS720D and DS920DW is LD0932001. The calibration sheet part number for DS620 and DS820W is LD0656001.


NOTE*: If the scan head and platen roller are contaminated, clean the scan head and platen roller before calibrating the scanner. 

NOTE*: For instructions on cleaning the scan head and roller, please see How do I clean the inside of my scanner?

The following graphics may vary slightly based upon the operating system you are using.


1.    Double-click the DSmobileCapture icon.




2.       The Select Scanner Model dialog box will appear.


3.       Select TWAIN in Driver Type and your scanner model in Scanner Model, and then click OK.  The following will appear.


4.       Click the Setup  Icon. 


5.       Click the Options tab and then click the Calibration button.


Note*: Should it be necessary to replace the calibration sheet please use part number LD0932001 for models DS720D and DS920DW or part number LD0656001 for models DS620 and DS820W.




6.       The following appears, prompting you to insert the Calibration sheet.


7.       Hold the edges of the calibration Sheet and insert it with the test face up and the white area feeding in first.


NOTE*: Hold only the edges of the Calibration Sheet and be careful not to touch the white or black area.  Leaving marks or fingerprints on this sheet can cause errors in calibration.

8.        Click the Yes button and the calibration sheet will start to move then the calibration sheet will eject and a dialog box stating that the calibration was successful, click the OK button the calibration process is finished.





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