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How do I install, calibrate and configure my Brother DS Scanner driver from the Brother website for the Macintosh operating system?

Description of Solution 200000043309

Please follow the graphical steps to install the software DSmobileCapture and Brother Scanner Driver.


1.    Once the download process is completed, click on the Downloads folder icon and click DSmobile###.dmg.



2.    Double click on the DSmobile ### Driver.pkg icon below to start the installation process.




3.    Click Continue button and follow the default/prompt steps until the installation is completed.


NOTE*: Calibration is critical because it allows the image results to be balanced with your Macintosh and scanner combination. If you switch the Macintosh or the scanner that you use, you must calibrate again for best quality results.



4.    On the Desktop, double click on DSmobileCapture icon

5. Click Options, Calibration, and then Insert the calibration sheet into the scanner face up.



6. Click OK to complete the installation and calibration process.


Note*:  Change the settings according to your requirements as shown in the diagrams below, insert a document onto the scanner�s feeder, and then click Scan button.

7. Under Image tab, three available scan types are Color, Gray, and Black & White, Resolution is up to 600 dpi.



8. Under File tab, Directory is the current path - changing it by clicking on Browse - and Scan to is the acutal folder where you stored or saved the scanned documents, and File Format is a document type such as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, PNG.


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