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How do I load paper and special print media into my Brother machine's manual feed slot?

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You can load special print media into your Brother machine's manual feed slot. 


You can use the manual feed slot to print or copy on Ledger, A3, Legal, Folio, Letter, A4, Executive, A5, A6, Photo (4 x 6 in.), Photo L (3.5 x 5 in.), and Photo 2L (5 x 7 in.) paper.  You can also use the manual feed slot to print or copy on envelopes and index cards.


- You must hold up the paper as it feeds into the manual feed slot.  The manual feed slot does not have a paper support.


- You can only load one sheet of media into the manual feed slot at one time.




- Brother does not recommend using this machine to print labels, as they are outside of the machine's stated paper specifications.  For more information, refer to the solution: "Can I use my Brother machine to print labels?"

- The machine automatically turns on Manual Feed Mode when you put paper in the manual feed slot.


- If you are using paper that is longer than Letter size or envelopes with the flap on the short edge, close the paper support flap.



1. Open the manual feed slot cover.



2. Slide the manual feed slot paper guides to match the width of the paper you are going to use.



NOTE: For information about the correct paper orientation, follow the label on the right-hand side of the manual feed slot.  When you slide the paper guides, confirm that they are in the correct positions.


3. Using both hands, put one sheet of paper into the manual feed slot until the front edge touches the paper feed roller.


- Let go of the paper when you hear the machine pull it in a short distance.  The LCD will briefly read "Manual Feed Slot ready."


- Make sure the side to be printed is face up.


- If you are using Ledger, A3, Legal, Folio, A5, A6, Photo, Photo L, or Photo 2L paper; envelopes; or index cards, insert the sheet in portrait orientation.




- If you are using Letter, Executive, or A4 paper, insert the sheet in landscape orientation.




- Do not put more than one sheet of paper in the manual feed slot at any one time.  Doing this may cause a paper jam.  Even if you are printing multiple pages, do not feed the next sheet of paper until the Touchscreen instructs you to do so.


- Do not put paper in the manual feed slot when you are printing from the paper tray.  Doing this may cause a paper jam.


- When loading an envelope or sheet of thick paper, push the envelope into the manual feed slot until you feel the machine grab the envelope or paper.



4. Using both hands, gently adjust the manual feed slot paper guides to fit the paper.





- Do not press the paper guides too tightly against the paper.  Doing this may cause the paper to fold.


- Make sure the paper is centered between the paper guides in the manual feed slot.  If the paper is not centered between the paper guides, pull it out and insert it again at the center position.



5. Make a copy or print from an application.


- The machine will print the page.


- If the data does not print on one sheet, the LCD will prompt you to load another sheet of paper.  Follow these steps:


a. Place another sheet of paper in the manual feed slot.


b. Press OK.




- Make sure the machine has finished printing before you close the manual feed slot cover.


- When paper is placed in the manual feed slot, the machine will always print from the manual feed slot.


- Paper inserted into the manual feed slot while the machine is printing a fax, report, or test page will be ejected.


- During the machine's cleaning process, paper you place in the manual feed slot will be ejected.  Wait until the machine finishes its cleaning, then put the paper back into the manual feed slot.

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