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How do I scan with DSmobileCapture software with my Brother Scanner in a Windows operating system?

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How do I scan a document with my Scanner in a Windows Operating System?

To view a video of these steps Click Here.

The scanner driver must be installed before you can scan.  If you have not installed the driver please download the latest version.

Note*If you need assistance on navigating the Brother website to download software, Drivers and Utilities, please CLICK HERE to view instructions.

Once the driver has been installed please follow the instructions below to scan a document.

Note*: Before scanning make sure the Scanner is connected to the PC via the micro USB cable.  If you are using either the DS820W or the DS920DW, please make sure you are in PC mode by pushing the OK button on the scanner.

Begin by clicking on the DSmobileCapture Icon on your desktop.

If you do not have a shortcut icon on your desktop

a)    You can click on the Start Button .

b)    Click on the Program Group Brother DS-XXXX Scanner Where XXXX is the model of you scanner.

c)    Select DSmobileCapture.


Once you launch the application, the following screen appears.  

If you have more than one scanner installed, please choose the appropriate scanner you are currently using. 

Then Click OK.

The DSmobileCapture program will launch, and the following toolbar will appear at the top of the application.

Note* It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the configuration options available to you from this menu.  The options are detailed in the product documentation. 

Once you are satisfied with the configuration options settings, you may initiate the scan from the application or from the Brother scanner.

To initiate from the scanner - Insert a document into the feeder:

a)    The document will advance slightly 

b)    Press the green diamond on the right side of the scanner, or if present, the OK button. 

c)    The scan will begin 


Note*: The Button Manager application is available to increase the scanning options available.  Please download the latest version in order to maximise you scannin capability.  Please see the document - What is Button Manager - for more details.


To initiate from the software - do the following: 

Insert a document into the scanner - It will advance slightly.

Click the SCAN icon within the DSmobileCapture software.  The scan will initiate.

A progress window will appear showing the scan status.

Once the scan is complete you will see the window above.

You are being prompted to insert more pages within the time displayed.

If you do not have any more pages, click Cancel.

Note:  If you like, you may change the wait timeout by clicking on the Settings button and clicking the Paper tab.

You will now see your scanned document appear in the left hand bar.

Clicking on it will move it to the main window.

The scanned image will be automatically saved in the file format and to the location you specify in the main toolbar.

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