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How do I scan multiple pages into a single file?

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The scanner driver must be installed before you can scan.  If you have not installed the driver please visit to download the latest version.


Note*If you need assistance on navigating the Brother website to download software, Drivers and Utilities, please CLICK HERE to view instructions.


Note*: If this is your initial setup with the scanner you may need to calibrate the scanner before first use.  Please see - How do I calibrate my scanner in Windows.



1.    Prior to scanning the document, please make sure you choose the correct file format you wish to save the document as. 


2.    To do this, select the File Format dropdown, and select the file format you wish to use.


Note* Multipage PDF or TIF format type allows you to scan multiple pages to be combined into one file.


3.    Secondly, make sure the file will be saved to the location you specify so as to be able to locate the file at a later date.  You can manually enter the save to location or browse by clicking on the folder icon and selecting a location.



4.    The scanned image will be saved automatically, with the file type you have chosen, in the file location you have specified, upon completion of the scan.


5.    Unfortunately you will not be able to modify the scan once the scanning process has completed.  Please make sure you set all of your preferences before you start the scan.


6.    Please review the solution - How do I scan with my Brother DS620 Scanner in the Windows Operating System  for an overview of the scanning process.

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