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How can I change the tape margin setting?

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1. Press the STYLE key.

2. Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to select CUT OPTION.

3. Press the LEFT OR RIGHT ARROW key to select the desired setting. The four options are:

Large Margin - Each label is printed leaving a margin of 0.94" (24mm) on each end.

Small Margin - A margin of 0.91 (23mm) is fed before printing each label. The printed label has a margin of 0.16" (4mm) before and after the text.

Chain - Use this setting when printing several labels with minimum margins. A margin of 0.91" (23mm) is printed first, and then each label is printed leaving a margin of 0.16" (4mm) before and after the text.

No Cut - Use this setting when printing HEAT SHRINK TUBE. Press the SHIFT key and then the PREVIEW key feeds the last printed label and then cuts it.

4. Press the OK key to apply the settings.


NOTE: When printing, the message "Cut Tape or Press Enter to Continue" is displayed. This is the cut pause mode. Pressing the tape cutter lever will allow you to cut the tape at the position you set in Cut Option.

NOTE: If the Cut Option is set to No Cut or Chain it will stop in the middle of the printing area after the last label is printed. After "OK to Feed?" is displayed, press the OK key to feed the tape before cutting.

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