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How do I scan with PaperPort 12 SE?

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How do I scan with PaperPort 12 SE?


You must have PaperPort 12 SE installed prior to scanning. 

If you need assistance installing the software please see - How do I install PaperPort12 SE.


To scan, open the software by selecting it from the start menu or desktop icon.

The software will launch.



The Program will open the user interface screen.



Before scanning you must select the scanner you wish to use for this task.


Look on the ribbon at the top of the user interface.


Click on the button Scan Settings


The TWAIN device selection screen will appear.



Please make sure the scanner you wish to use is present, then highlight it, and press OK.


Note* - If you are experiencing problems with your scanner and wish to test the device,

please select Advanced Setup button to launch the wizard to test your scanner.



The User Interface will now display the scan interface panel.

The Folder tree will change to the scan interface in the left hand pane of the screen.

The upper half of the scan interface screen displays the available document types.

The lower half of the scan interface shows the configuration of the selected document type.



Folder Tree                    Scan Interface


Please make sure you have selected the scanner you wish to use at the top of the screen.



Choose the document type you wish to scan.

The choices are:

1.    B&W Document

2.    Grayscale Document

3.    Color Document

4.    Color Photograph

5.    Color Searchable PDF Document


If you would like to change the configuration for your selected document type, click the Settings button.


You will see a new screen like the one displayed below.

The screen consists of 4 user configurable tabs.


1.    If you wish to create a new Document Type, select the Profile tab (default) and enter a name for your document type.

Note* If you click OK, the settings tab will close.




2.    The SET tab allows for configuration of the following:

a.    Create Single Page Items

b.    Blank Page Separator

c.    Auto Straighten

d.    Auto Context (for readability)

e.    Auto Enhance

f.     Delete Blank Pages

The OUTPUT tab allows for the configuration of the following:

a.    Allows for custom name or date format naming convention

b.    Prefix  Allows for an addition of the selected prefix to all documents

c.    Suffix  Allows for an addition of the selected suffix to all documents

d.    Name Separator  Allows for addition of a separator character

e.    Sample box  shows the sample of the naming selected

f.     File Type  Allows you to select the file type to save the document as.

1.    PDF (Default) (*.pdf)

2.    Jpeg (*.jpg)

3.    Paper Port Image (*.max)

4.    PDF Searchable Image (*.pdf)

5.    PDF (Normal) (*.pdf)

6.    Tiff (*.tif)

7.    Windows Bitmap (*.bmp)

8.    Microsoft Word Document (*.doc)

9.    Microsoft Word XML Document (*.xml)

10. Rich Text Format (*.rtf)

11. Text (*.txt)

12. Text (Comma Separated Value (*.csv)

The SCAN tab allows for the configuration of the following:

a.    General Section Mode, Resolution, Size, Orientation, Filter color and source.

b.    The Brightness can be set to automatic or user configured.

c.    The Contrast can be set to automatic or user configured.

Make your selections and click OK to close the dialog box.

From the main screen left hand panel you have the option of turning the scanner results dialog box on or off by checking or clearing the check box.


You can now press the scan button to initiate the scan.

The progress window will appear informing you of the progress of the scan.


Once the scan has completed, you will see another prompt with a time countdown asking if you wish to load more documents.

You can either press CANCEL or wait for the time to run out.


The scan results box will appear.  This allows you to:

a.    Enter a description for the Subject of the document

b.    Enter the Authors name

c.    Enter any keywords that may assist in locating the document or its contents via a search.

d.    Rename the document

If you need to add additional pages or scan the other side you may do so.

If you are finished scanning, press the DONE button.

The scanned image will appear in the right hand pane of the user interface screen.

Scan is complete.

The first 4 documents are sample documents and a copy of the release notes for this edition of PaperPort.





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