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Description of Problem 100000034226

I am getting Error 2019 when opening DSmobileCapture software. What can I do?

Description of Solution 200000043858

The software is looking for the scanner.

It is not being detected by the computer.

Possible Causes: (All Models)

1.     Scanner Not Connected


a.    Please connect scanner to the PC via the USB cable and re-launch the DSmobileCapture software.


2.    USB Cable Loose


a.    Please make sure the USB cable is securely connected at both ends.


b.    Please make sure you are connected directly to the computer, no hubs or other pass through devices.


3.    USB Port possibly defective.


a.    Please try another USB port on the computer.


4.    Driver Not Installed.


a)    Please make sure the scanner driver has been installed.


b)    Open the COMPUTER icon and see if the DS scanner is listed as a removable device.


c)    If not, go back and right click on COMPUTER and choose MANAGE then choose Device Manager.


d)    The device will be listed in two places


1.    In Disk Drives as a USB Device.


2.    In Portable Devices - as a removable drive.


3.    If the device does not appear the driver is not installed.


4.    Please reinstall driver.


5.    Scanner not in correct mode.  (DS820W and DS920W models only)


a.    The scanner may be in SD mode. 


b.    In order to connect to the PC via USB connection it must be in PC mode.


    Note*  If scanner has wireless access enabled, it must be switched off before it will allow you to enter PC Mode.  Please turn off wireless mode by sliding the switch on the right side of the machine to the off position.


c.    To enable PC mode, press the OK button on the scanner.


d.    The display will change from SD to PC.


Note:  If you need assistance scanning with the DSmobileCapture, please see the following:


1)    How do I configure or setup the DSmobileCapture software?


2)    How do I scan with my Brother Scanner in the Windows Operating System?


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