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How do I create a label using the "Cable Wrap" mode to wrap around a cable (wire)?

Description of Solution 200000043859

1. Press the Cable Wrap key.


2. Press the Up or Down arrow to highlight the type of cassette tape in the machine, "Flexible ID" or "Heat-shrink Tube".


3. Press the OK key to apply the setting.  Three settings appear, "UOM", "Value" and "Repeat".  Use the Up or Down arrow key to go from one setting to the other and use the Left or Right arrow to change the selection of the setting.


4. Press the Left or Right arrow to select a "UOM" (Unit of Measure); this sets the length of the label.  If cable type "CAT5/6", "CAT6e", "COAX", or" "AWG" is selected, the machine will automatically determine the length of the label to be printed.  If "Dia (0)" is selected, enters the diameter of the cable in "Value".  You can manually set the label length, by selecting "Length" for the "UOM" and then entering the length in "Value"


5. For "Repeat" select "On" or "Off"; "On" to repeat printing the text through the entire length of the label.


6. Press the OK key to apply the settings; the text "CABLE WRAP" appears on the bottom edge of display.


7. Enter the text of the label and then press the Print key.


Note: To go back to making a regular label, press the General Key.

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