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My printer is not feeding the paper, what can I do?

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1.   Check that the ejection path is not blocked.

2.   Remove the RD roll and clean the roller and print head with a lint free cloth moistened with Isopropyl Alcohol.

RJ3a.jpg                                   RJ3b.jpg

3.   Re install the RD roll again as shown below:

a.    Press and hold the (Power) button to turn the printer off.   Turn and hold the cover open lever, and then open the RD Roll compartment cover.

b.    While pushing the adjuster lock in the direction of the arrow, move it to the left or right. Because the roll guide will also move, adjust the roll guide to match the width of the paper using the scale engraved on the inside of the printer.

c.    Insert an RD Roll into the RD Roll compartment upside down with the labels or receipt paper feeding from the bottom as shown.  Position the end of the RD Roll to touch the tear bar.


d.   Close the RD Roll compartment cover and then press and hold the (Power) button to turn the printer on.

If the problem still occurs, contact Brother Customer Service at 1-800-255-0415.  



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