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How do I connect to my DS920DW scanner to my wireless device?

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Brother has released a video of this solution. 

To view the video version please click here:



In order to access the scanned images on the SD card in the scanner, from a wireless device, you must configure the scanner as an access point (AP).

You can then connect your wireless device (computer, smart phone, tablet, etc) to your scanner. 



IMPORTANT:  Without a Wi-Fi network password, data on your SD card can be viewed and possibly accessed by an unknown third party.  Please make sure the password is set up as described below.


1.    If you previously set up a password but have forgotten it, press the scanners RESET button to reset the password. 


2.    Please hold the button down for a minimum of 15-30 seconds


3.    The LCD display will blink and then reset and the wireless if previously lit will go out to indicate that the unit has been reset.


4.    IMPORTANT: Please do not use a sharp pointed instrument  as this may damage the button or surrounding printed circuit board. 


5.    Please use a fine tip pen or paperclip or other similarly blunt object that fits into the reset cavity to press the button.




Scanner Setup

To begin, make sure the scanner's Wi-Fi is turned on. 

Slide the Wi-Fi switch, on the side of the scanner, to ON.


Wait for about 40 seconds until the Wi-Fi indicator, LED, on the front panel turns from red to blue.


If you would like to connect to your scanner to your wireless device; computer, smart phone, tablet, etc, please follow the steps below.


1.    On your wireless device, computer, smart phone, tablet, etc, open the Wi-Fi settings page.




1.    Laptop and PC users, this is normally located on the task bar on the lower right hand of the screen. 


2.    For other wireless devices, please see the product documentation or contact your devices manufacturer.



2.    You will see your scanner listed, - for example - DS-920-C10C



1.    The last 4 digits listed in the wireless device's Wi-Fi list, are the last 4 digits of the MAC address of your scanner.  


2.    The MAC address is listed on the bottom of your scanner (DS920DW only)


3.    This is so you can identify the specific scanner you are connecting to. 


4.    The default SSID password is listed on a sticker on the bottom of your scanner as well as in the documentation that came with your scanner.



3.    On your wireless device's Wi-Fi setup screen SELECT the DS-920DW scanner.  Click, CONNECT.


Note* If you need assistance locating or connecting to your wireless network; please review the documentation for your wireless device or contact your system administrator.


4.    If you have previously set up the scanner, it will prompt you for the credentials you created. Please enter the user id and password.


5.    If this is the first time configuring the scanner or you just pressed the reset button, to reset your scanner, you will not be prompted for a user id.


6.    The scanner will prompt you for a default SSID password.  The default SSID password is printed on a sticker the bottom of your scanner as well as in the documentation included with your scanner.  Enter the password in the prompt.


7.    On your wireless device, The Wi-Fi utility of your wireless device will acquire an IP address, and then show as connected in the Wi-Fi list on your wireless device.


Note* at this point in the setup process, the device will not have internet access until later in the setup process.  Internet access is not needed to view the SD contents on your wireless device.



8.    Close the Wi-Fi utility on your wireless device, computer, smart phone, tablet, etc.


9.    Open a browser on your wireless device, computer, smart phone, tablet, etc.


10. Enter the following into the address bar then hit ENTER or SEARCH.


11. The wireless device's browser will launch the home screen that is associated with your scanner.


12. The password screen appears, please enter your user id and password or in the case of a reset, please set up a user id and password.  Then click Apply.


13. The scanner home screen will display the contents of the SD card. 


Note:  If no images are present, you may see - Scan file is empty


1.    You may need to change the view mode to PDF in order to see scanned documents.


2.    To do this click on the Mode button to switch between documents and images



IMPORTANT: If you wish to load the images to your Brother Online account you must configure the scanner to access your wireless network.

Click the SETTING button on the right corner of the DS home screen.



1.    Click Brother Online Settings button






2.    Click Wi-Fi for Internet Access button



3.    The wireless device will display all available networks. 



4.    Choose the wireless network you wish to connect to.


5.    You will be prompted for a separate password for your wireless network.


Note* If you do not know this password, please contact your network administrator.

If you need assistance finding your wireless security information please, CLICK HERE.


6.    Enter your wireless network password.


7.    The scanner will reboot.


8.    The Wi-Fi LED will glow orange once connected with internet access.


Important: You may have to reconnect your wireless device to the scanner after it resets to the new mode.


9.    You now have Internet access via the scanner in order to access your Brother Online account.



Note* You may connect up to three devices simultaneously to your scanner with this configuration.






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