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How do I use the ScanHub application to connect the iPod/iPhone/iPad (iOS) device to the Brother scanner?

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You can use your iPhone/iPod/iPad device's application to view the scanned images stored on the scanner's SD card and download scanned images to the iOS device.

1.    Please turn on the scanner and make sure to enable the Wi-Fi by sliding the switch on the right side of the scanner to the on position.



2.    Please wait for about 40 seconds for the LED on the front panel to turn from Red to Blue indicating that the Wi-Fi is active.


Note* If the LED indicator turns orange, it means that the scanner is set up with internet access enabled.


3.    On your iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad), click Settings icon and then select the Brother wireless scanner.




4.    Open the ScanHub application



5.    There are two icons at the bottom left of the ScanHub’s screen.  They represent; Local and Wireless.


 Local   Wireless 

Note: for iPad, iPhone and iTouch users the Local Icon will be represented as a computer screen in stead of the pictured memory card. (Android Only)


6.    Click on the Wireless icon to connect to the scanner.


Note: The application may ask for the password to access the images on the scanner.  Please use the default SSID password printed on the bottom of your scanner (for DS-920DW).


7.    Click on the Document menu, click on the DCIM folder, click on the 100PHOTO folder. You will see the contents (files/images) of the scanner’s SD card.


8.    You may also press and hold an image that will open a context menu.  It will give you more options.



9.    If you are pressing the Sync button on the ScanHub application, it will then download the contents from the scanner’s SD card to your wireless device. You can view the same contents after you disconnect the scanner Wi-Fi (wireless) connection and switch to a local connection.


10. If you are pressing the Settings button to access/view/change the scanner settings. You will be prompted to enter a password.  The default password is 0000.



Note: If you are experiencing any issues using the ScanHub application or need further support, please contact the software manufacture (NewSoft Inc.) directly:


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