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Description of Problem 100000034753

How do I download and install the Brother BR-Receipts software to my Windows OS?

Description of Solution 200000044522

1.    Go to and then follow the graphical steps below:


2.    Enter product serial number, select Purchased From, Date of Purchase, and then click Register & Download

3.    Please NOTE this BR-Receipts software is FREE of charge for model DS820W/DS920DW/ADS1000W/ADS1500W

4.    Please enter all the required fields below and then click Continue button.

5.    Enter the password twice and then click Continue button

6.    Click here to download Software for Windows.




7.    Once the download is complete, double click on the downloaded file BR_Receipts_XXX.EXE.  Click RUN, it will decompress and start the installation automatically.



8.    Click Next



9.    Click I accept the terms of the license agreement and Next



10. Click Next



11. Click Next



12. Click Finish




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