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How do I install BR-Receipts

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1.  Download the installer from the Brother Cloud website.

Note:  Go to to create an account and download the software.

2.  You must create the account and enter the serial number of your scanner in order to have access to the download.

3.  Double-Click on the installer icon on your desktop.

4.  If you downloaded the installer package to another location please access that location and double-click the file.

5.  The installer will extract the installation files.


6.  Initial installation screen appears.

  Choose Next to continue.

  Choose Cancel to quit the install.

7.  Choose print  to print the License agreement.

Click the radio Button I accept to continue.

Once you click the radio button, the next button becomes available. 

Click Next  to continue.

Click Cancel  to quit the install.

8.  The Choose Destination Location appears.

  Click Browse to change the installation path.

  Choose Next to continue.

Choose Back to go to the previous step.

  Click Cancel to quit the setup.

9.  The Select Program Folder box appears, the default is BR-Receipts.

The first item in the existing folders list will be highlighted, but until a selection is made it will create BR-Receipts as the Program Folder. 

If you would like to create a folder called BR-Receipts, do not change anything and choose

  to continue.

Choose Back to go to the previous step.

  Click Cancel to quit the setup.

10.  The bar will progress; installation will take a minute or so depending on the speed of your computer.

  Click Cancel to quit the setup.

11.  Click Finish  to complete the installation.

The  Icon will be created on your desktop. 

Double-click it to open the program.




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