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How do I clear the flashing Toner LED or the "Toner Low" message in the Status Monitor?

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A flashing Toner LED or a "Toner Low" message in the Status Monitor is intended to alert you that the toner cartridge is approaching the end of its expected life.  A flashing Toner LED or a "Toner Low" message in the Status Monitor will continue to appear until the toner finally reaches its end of life.  It is not necessary to clear a Toner Low indicator at this time and it is recommended that you continue to use the toner cartridge if the print quality is acceptable since the toner cartridge still has remaining life.


However, we suggest you have a new genuine Brother TN720 or TN750 toner cartridge on hand for when the toner does reach its end of life and needs to be replaced.


If you would still like to clear the Toner Low status, you should install a brand new, out of the box toner cartridge (TN720 or TN750) to reset the toner status.  You should not install a previously used or already installed cartridge.  Brother toner cartridges are manufactured with a reset lever that moves when installed into the machine and automatically triggers the machine to reset the toner status.  Used toner cartridges do not properly reset the toner status.


For instructions on how to replace the toner, go to - How do I install or replace the toner cartridge?


Brother strongly recommends that customers use only genuine Brother drum units and/or toner cartridges. Each Brother laser printer is designed to work at pre-set temperatures that are matched exactly to each of our individual toner formulations.  Each individual component is designed to work with the other to ensure quality and reliability. Using non-Brother supplies may affect the hardware performance, print quality and machine reliability. The Brother limited warranty does not apply to any problem that is caused by the use of third party drum units, toner cartridges or toner.


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