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Description of Problem 100000034901

I am getting an error message Not enough disk space to spool job document while printing to the Ptouch Label printer. How do I correct this error?

Description of Solution 200000044706

Solution 1:

Your printer application cannot create a new printing task because of the insufficient hard drive space. Please delete some unnecessary files in your computer to free up space. If your computer has plenty of hard drive space then try Solution # 2.


Solution 2:

Please open the P-touch Editor application as follows (for Windows 8, skip step 1-3): Click Start => All Programs => Brother P-touch => right click on P-touch Editor => Run as administrator and then repeat the printing process.  If this error is still existed, please try Solution # 3. 

Note: If this solution works for you, please logon your computer with an administrator account/rights.


Solution 3:

This error occurs during the installation of printer related devices because the RPC server cannot find the Print Spooler that is needed to install the drivers. This will occur if the Print Spooler is disabled or corrupted. It may also occur if another print driver is not permitting access to the Print Spooler. 

 You may attempt the following steps to manually restart the printer spooler:

 1.  Access the Windows search option:

 -      Windows 7 and earlier users:  Click Start => Run or go the Search line.

 -      Windows 8 users:  Move the mouse to the upper or lower right corner and click on Search from the Charms bar.

 2.  Type: services.msc in the search bar:

 -      Windows 7 and earlier users:  Click OK or press Enter.

 -      Windows 8 users:  Click Apps if it is not already selected and click services in the results list.

 3. In the list of Services, locate and double-click on the Print Spooler.


4.  Ensure the Startup Type is set to Automatic.  If not, select it from the dropdown list.

5.  Verify that the Service Status is Started or Running.

 -         If the Service Status states Stopped or Paused, then click the START button.

 -         If the Service Status already states Started or Running, then click the STOP button.  Wait until the service has stopped, then press the START button.


NOTE: If you are unable to start the Print Spooler service, then this indicates a problem with the computer.  Contact your computer manufacturer or System Admin for further support.


6.  Once the service is started, you may now attempt to use or reinstall the printer driver.

7. Go to this path => C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS and delete all the files under the PRINTERS folder and try to print again.

8. Restart the PC if this problem is still existed.

If the error message reappears, contact your computer manufacturer or System Admin for further support resolving the computer's Print Spooler error.



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