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How do I remove or uninstall the Brother DS Scanner from my computer?

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How do I remove or uninstall the Brother DS scanner?

Please disconnect the USB cable from the computer, if it is currently connected.

The first step is to remove the Brother DS Scanner from Device Manager.  Please follow the steps below for best results.

NOTE: Images below are from a Windows 8 environment.  Your images may differ slightly on alternative operating systems.

1.    For Windows 8 and 8.1 users do the following to access the device manager:


2.    Right Click on the Computer tile, a checkmark will appear in the corner of the tile, and a menu bar will appear at the bottom of the screen.



3.    Click Manage.  Then choose MANAGE from the ribbon menu in the window that appears. 



Continue at Step 7


For all other Windows OS types, please start here.


4.    Click on the START button.



5.    Right-Click on Computer or MY Computer icon.



6.    Choose Manage from the pop-up menu.



7.    Computer Management console will launch.


8.    Choose Device Manager.



9.    In the Right-Pane, expand the Disk Drives section.


10. Right-Click on the Brother DS Scanner you wish to remove.




11. Click on Uninstall from the pop-up menu.


12. The device will be removed from your system. 


13. You may also note that the corresponding drive letter in the lower section Portable Devices has also been removed.



To completely remove the Brother DS Scanner from your system, you will also have to remove the software and associated scanning applications that were originally installed.

Please continue below to complete the removal process.


14. Removal of Software Driver and Applications.


15. To remove the software driver and applications you must do the following as well.



16. Click on the START button.



17. Choose All Programs.



18. Expand the Brother Scanner folder on the Start menu.


19. Choose Uninstall Driver or just Uninstall.


20. Follow the prompts to remove the driver and associated scanning applications from your computer.


21. On earlier versions of Windows, you will be asked if you want to restart your computer.  Please do so if prompted.


22. Removal is complete.





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