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How do I print to the wireless label printer using Apple Macintosh with an iPod, iPad or iPhone using AirPrint?

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In order to use AirPrint, your mobile device must connect using Wi-Fi (Infrastructure) to the SAME network that your Brother machine is connected to.  The Brother machine can be connected using either a Wired Ethernet (Models that support a wired connection only) or Wireless connection to the router.


AirPrint is compatible with Apple devices running iOS 4.2 or later.  Refer to the Apple website for more information about compatible operating systems


The procedure used to print may vary by application.  Safari is used in the example below.  For detailed assistance with any other application contact your application's vendor.


1. Make sure your label machine is turned on and Wi-Fi lamp is also on.


2. Use Safari to open the page that you want to print.


3. Tap the selection icon.  The icon may vary based on your iOS version and app: 




4. Tap    Print.


5. Make sure your machine is selected.



If a different machine is selected or if no printer is selected, tap the displayed printer name or Select Printer

A list of available machines will be displayed. 

Tap your machine.


6. Select any available options, such as number of pages (Copy) to print.


7. Tap Print.



The label size is not the same as paper size (printout may cutoff) and paper type options are specified depending on the iOS application.

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