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Description of Problem 100000035631

I get an error message, PTouch Editor has stopped working, when I launch or open the PTouch Editor 5.1.  How can I correct this issue?

Description of Solution 200000045619

This issue occurs due to your firewall security blocking the PTouch Editor from updating its application automatically. Please perform the following steps to resolve this issue.


1.    Disconnect the PC from the internet or network.


a)    Click the Wi-Fi icon at the bottom right corner of your PC.

b)    Right click on your Wi-Fi network and select Disconnect.

c)    If you are not using a Wi-Fi connection, then disconnect the Ethernet (RJ45) cable from your PC.


2.    Launch the PTouch Editor application.


3.    Double click on New Layout.


4.    Click Tools then Options.


5.    Click Display menu and then uncheck or remove the check box Display Online Content.

6.    Click OK.


7.    Click the File menu, and then Exit to close the program.


8.    Click the Wi-Fi icon, right click on your Wi-Fi, and then click Connect.


9.    If you are not using Wi-Fi connection then reconnect the Ethernet (RJ45) cable to your PC.

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