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Why isn't a USB cable included in the box with my Brother machine?

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A USB cable is not included with the purchase of your Brother machine.  A list of components included with the machine is printed on the outside of the carton.  Please note that this list of components does not include a USB cable.


Brother does not include USB cables with its printers because there are multiple ways to connect these machines to a computer or network, and we are unable to anticipate which of these connection methods you will use.  Including multiple cables for multiple connection types would unnecessarily contribute to environmental waste.  Brother is committed to conserving the global environment.


If your Brother machine is wireless-capable and you require a USB cable to initially connect your machine to a wireless network, you may be able to "borrow" a USB cable from another device, use it to connect your machine to the network, and then reconnect the cable to the original device. 


Your Brother machine has a Standard-B USB port, so you must use an A/B USB cable.

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