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How do I download and install Presto! PageManager 9 on my Macintosh?

Description of Solution 200000046349

1. Open your web browser and enter the following address in the address bar:

NOTE: You may also find a link to the download by inserting the Brother installation CD and clicking Brother Support => Presto! PageManager.

2. Once the file has finished downloading, it should open. If it does not open, browse to it and double click on the PM9SEInstaller_BR_multilang.dmg file.

3. Double click the PM9Installer file.

4. You will receive a message asking if you want to run the package. You must click Continue to proceed.

5. The intro screen will appear. Click Continue to proceed.

6. The Software License Agreement will appear. Click Continue to proceed.

7. You will be asked to agree to the software license agreement. You must click Agree to continue.

8. The install screen will appear. Click Install to start the installation.

9. You may be asked to authenticate with your user name and password to continue. If so, enter this information and click OK. If you are not asked this information proceed to the next step.

10. Once the install is complete you will receive a message stating that the installation was successful. Click Close to exit the installer.

11. Presto! PageManager 9 is now installed. You may run this application by clicking on the Presto! PageManager 9 icon on the desktop.

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