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Description of Problem 100000036905

Why does the message REPLACE PARTS DRUM continue to appear after I installed a new drum?

Description of Solution 200000047082

If the machine continues to display REPLACE PARTS DRUM after installing a new drum, the drum may not have reset properly.  Whenever you replace the drum unit, the drum counter needs to be reset.  Do the following:


1.    Make sure the machine is powered on. Press the front cover release button and open the front cover.



2.    With the front cover still open, press CLEAR on the control panel.


3.    Press 1 to confirm you are installing a new drum.  The LCD should briefly display Accepted.


4.    After the LCD displays Accepted, close the front cover of the machine.


5.    Verify REPLACE PARTS DRUM no longer appears.


-      If the message continues to appear, repeat STEPS 1 – 5.


-      If the message continues to appear after repeating the reset steps, contact Brother Customer Service by calling 1-877-Brother (1-877-276-8437) Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.


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