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How can I print from my application (3rd party) directly to the label printer in Windows or Macintosh OS?

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1.    The Brother Label printer should be able to print directly from third party applications as long as the document is created with the width defined in the table below.

2.    The application must support various page sizes, such as label sizes (i.e. in the application, select your label printer, page setup, label size, and then change and set the margins as small as possible.)

Note: If the third party applications only support popular page sizes such as letter and legal size.  Please contact your software manufacturer for further support in using your application with the label printer.



Label Size

QL500, QL550, QL650TD, QL570, QL580N, QL700, QL710W, QL720NW

Prints up to 2.4” width

QL1050, QL1060N, TD4000, TD4100N

Prints up to 4.0” width

TD2020, TD2120N, TD2130N

Prints up to 2.1” width


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