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Brother™ PC-Connectable Label Maker with Auto Cutter

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86 of 97 people would recommend this product.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5
Handy once you decide to get one
July 19, 2011
By GopherBarqoue from Washington
Acknowledging the shortcomings of wasteful of expensive tape (by throwing away about an inch of tape per label print), I appreciate the tidy labels this little machine continues to make. I have used it for mailing packages, labeling equipment and sorting out wiring circuits. Although the printer seems wasteful in using up tape, I have yet to actually use up a cartridge. I use the PC-based software, rather than the build-in 'lite' version, because of formatting flexibility and address library. This is one of those tools that is hard to justify for the first use but is appreciated once you have it.
Expertise Advanced Amateur
Use Home (Personal Use)
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Overall Rating: 5 out of 5
Best Labeler I've Ever Used!
April 9, 2011
By Anonymous from Melbourne, FL
Saw this labeler on sale at my local retailer and I'm big into the "make my life easier" products so I just HAD to buy it. I am SO GLAD that I did. This really is the best labeler I have ever used. Yeah you have to connect it to a computer, but still, it's great, cause you can do SO MUCH with this little thing. Especially if you instal and use the P-Touch Editor 5.0 Software vs. using the built in Editor Lite. You can do so much with this style labeler vs. a regular handheld that it's ridiculous! Adding a huge variety of clip-art. A huge variety of symbols. Even adding your own custom imaged and symbols.Being able ot print up a label using any font you have on your computer is great too. The biggest plus for this thing, vs. a regular handheld of any kind, you have complete and total reign over the placement of your text and symbols, and ALSO, this model has an "Auto Cut" feature, that automatically cuts the margins to any specified length. The narrowest is .08", which is roughly 1/8", which is GREAT for when you need really narrow margins, and with this machine once you print it out YOU DONT HAVE TO CUT DOWN THE LABEL WITH SCISSORS! Absolutely excellent!Look, I'm telling you, just trust me and BUY THIS PRODUCT! YOU WILL LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Expertise Advanced Amateur
Use Home Office (Business Use)
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Overall Rating: 4 out of 5
Great product with a few minor flaws
January 5, 2011
By magician from Dearborn, MI
I've been using a PT-2430PC at work for almost two years. I've used a over a dozen rolls of 24mm laminated tape and over twenty rolls of 12mm laminated tape.

I needed to make labels for small quantities of custom test equipment. The front panel has 24 toggle switches which need to be labeled. The back panel has several rows of connectors which also need to be labeled.

The P-touch Editor software enables complex label designs with icons, bitmap graphics, basic shapes [lines, boxes, circles], and full text editing.

I typically make long label strips with multiple text boxes such that each text item is aligned with the switches or connectors. Also, I make sets of labels in one long strip, and the automatic editable cut-lines cut the individual labels as they print.

The equipment I build looks almost "manufactured" thanks to the high quality labels I am able to make.

I've used a couple of Brother P-touch hand-held label printers. The PT-2430PC is much better. I liked the one at work so well that I bought one for home use.

- very good label editor software

- label software measurements in inches, millimeters, or points

- very little waste to start a print job

- any length label can be created [up to limit of length of tape cartridge, i.e. 8 meters]

- high quality label stock

- good variety of colors, widths of label stock

- The printer does not handle 24mm laminated tape very well. After a few centimeters, the laminate becomes misaligned such that about 1mm of laminate is protruding above the top edge of the label base, and a corresponding 1mm of sticky label base at the bottom of the label is left uncovered by the laminating film. [I reported this to Brother technical support and the issue was ignored.] The second PT-2430PC I bought 8-months after the first one has the same problem with 24mm laminated tape. There is a pervasive problem with either the printer or with the 24mm tape cartridges.

- There is a lot of unusable space at top and bottom of 24mm tape. The printable area begins 3mm from the top edge and ends 3mm from the bottom edge. This is total 6mm of unprintable space or 25% of the tape. This limitation is not mentioned in the product features. On narrower tapes, the unprintable area is only 1mm top and bottom.

- The label editor alignment tools for label items are limited. e.g. It is not possible to align one element to another element.

- The label editor tool to position an element is limited to coarse dimension [e.g. whole millimeter increments].

Good printer for simple to complex label requirements.
Expertise Professional or Expert
Use Large Business (1000+ Employees)
Brother products owned 3
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Overall Rating: 5 out of 5
Great Label Maker
December 18, 2010
By JimP10 from Virginia
A very easy to use label makers. Works fine out of the box, its doesnt need a computer scientist to program it.
I have 3 of them. And it produces 1" wide labels
Use it to label tool boxes, cabinets, electrical boxes, etc
Love it
Expertise Professional or Expert
Use Small Business (Up to 25 Employees)
Brother products owned 5
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