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Business Smart™ Inkjet with up to 11"x17" Printing and 3.7" Swipe TouchScreen Display

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Overall Rating: 1 out of 5
Worst hassle EVER >>>>>>
March 16, 2014
By Wolfy from Flagstaff, Arizona
I bought this machine, assuming that the "scan to e-mail" would work - - - it DOES NOT...... a very very capable person looked at it and said it was not EVER GOING TO WORK.
and I can NEVER get thru to a HUMAN to get it looked at. . . I was on hold for 25 minutes . . .

Expertise Advanced Amateur
Use Small Business (Up to 25 Employees)
Brother products owned 1
Response from Brother
March 26, 2014
The MFC-J4510DW supports two types of scanning to an e-mail (Scan to e-mail and Scan to e-mail Server). Scan to e-mail: Scan to e-mail allows you to scan a document and have it automatically attached to an e-mail in your default e-mail application running on your computer (you must have a working e-mail application running on your computer). If you have installed the Brother MFL-Pro software suite using the included CD-ROM you will have an application called ControlCenter. This application must also be running on your computer for scan to e-mail to work. When you select scan to e-mail the machine will scan your document and automatically open your default e-mail application on your computer were you can enter the destination e-mail address. The document you scanned will be an attachment to that e-mail and is sent using the e-mail application on your computer (the e-mail is not sent by the MFC). Scan to e-mail Server: The Scan to e-mail Server allows you to enter an e-mail address directly at the machine and send your document as an e-mail attachment directly through an e-mail server to the destination without using your local computer. Please note that the Scan to Email Server function can be downloaded from This feature requires POP3/SMTP mail server support. After the POP3/SMTP mail server/account information is configured correctly in the MFC you will be able to select “Scan to e-mail Server” form the control panel of the machine. From there you can enter a destination e-mail address or select one from the internal address book. Then simply press start and the document will be scanned and sent to the e-mail server that will then forward the e-mail to the final destination. Details on Scan to E-mail and Scan to e-mail Server can be found in the Software Users Guide located on the installation CD-ROM and on the Brother Support web site.
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Overall Rating: 4 out of 5
Does what I want it to do!
March 13, 2014
By Dent from Goose Creek, SC
This machine has been reliable up to this point, I have not had it very long. It took me a while to set it up (probably due to my age, 69), but it has been very reliable since. I have not used the fax yet so I can not comment on its reliability, but for my main use for this machine (copying) it works well. Also the digital wireless printing works well (I use a larger Brother laser printer for most of my printing). I have used the scanning process only once and it worked well. All of the Brother printers that I have owned have worked great and are reliable.
Expertise Advanced Amateur
Use Home Office (Business Use)
Brother products owned 4
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Overall Rating: 5 out of 5
You get what you pay for...
March 12, 2014
By pnp1020 from Naperville, IL
I originally picked up a new MFC-J470DW to replace a broken MFC-J430 that died after an overdose of cheap (non-Brother) ink cartridges. It lasted 2-3 years and was a good machine. Anyways, the MFC-J470DW does not play well with others (meaning my network, I use WEP encryption). After I finally got it connected (manually) it still had a hard time connecting to the computers wirelessly. What broke the deal is I use the ADF a lot, and the MFC-J470DW acted more like a paper shredder than a scanner. I took that unit back and swapped it for a MFC-J4510DW which cost twice as much. BUT... it connected to my network on the first try (manually), and each computer (4) I installed the software on. The ADF scanner works perfectly (like it should). Printing is fast. And this is all done wirelessly. The only gripe (like the others before me) is that it sounds like it's going to blow a gasket then it prints. Buy it and you'll see what I mean. Otherwise it's great!
Expertise Professional or Expert
Use Home Office (Business Use)
Brother products owned 4
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Overall Rating: 1 out of 5
MFC-J4510DW looks nice but inflexible
March 11, 2014
By iamdisappointed from Boston, Massachusetts
For basic functions, this machine is fine. Unfortunately, some of the advanced functions, described in the User Guide, simply don't work. Trying to get them to work is a huge exercise in frustration despite "help" from support. I can only guess that the sideways printing means much more software is needed to drive it and, therefore, the complexity gets in the way of function. Too bad because Brother has a pretty good reputation and it does print very well.
Expertise Casual User
Use Home (Personal Use)
Brother products owned 2
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