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Healthcare: Full-Page Printing at the Point of Care
The PocketJet6 Series will be discontinued as of March 31st, 2016. Please see our New PocketJet7 Series today!

Reliable full-page printing at the point of care

8.5 wide cut-sheet page printing
8.5" wide cut-sheet page printing

Home-bound patients depend on home healthcare clinicians to help them manage their prescriptions and treatment plans, and to keep them informed on available resources, progress against their personalized plan, and any required changes.

Home healthcare workers provide a vital lifeline between home-bound patients and the care they need. A big part of that is providing critical information to the patient on a timely basis.

Medication lists and dosage regimens, personalized care plans, teaching guides to educate patients about their conditions, progress and status reports and more simply can’t wait until the next scheduled visit. Nor can home healthcare providers rely on the handwriting of their field personnel to be interpreted correctly by the patient every time.

There’s just too much room for error and delay. And that’s unacceptable.

There’s a better, safer on-demand alternative.

Most home healthcare workers already have software and tablets, smartphones, or laptop computers in the field. Simply add PocketJet® mobile printers and those workers can print full-page personalized information and instructions for their patients at the time of care.

Easy-to-read, full-page, machine-printed medication lists, teaching guides, personal care plans, contracts and waivers help to minimize confusion. Clinicians in the field can quickly produce these on demand and on site with PocketJet® mobile thermal printers.

Quickly print full-page patient documents and instructions practically anywhere

PocketJet® 6 mobile printer for point-of-care printing
PocketJet® 6 mobile printer for point-of-care printing

Compact, extremely portable, battery-powered PocketJet® mobile thermal printers easily fit in a briefcase or shoulder bag and print full-page documents at up to 6 pages per minute from laptops as well as many popular Android™ or iOS®-based smartphones and tablets◊. With the power to print at point of care, home healthcare workers can produce documents on site and avoid delays in distributing critical personalized care plans and instructions.

PocketJet® 6 mobile printer
PocketJet® 6 mobile printer

Minimize handwriting errors

Handwriting patient instructions can lead to errors in interpretation later on. Instead, use portable PocketJet® printers to produce easy-to-read, full-page documents with high-resolution text, graphics and even pictures to clearly communicate what the patient needs to know.

Easily connect to and print from tablets, smartphones and laptops

PocketJet® mobile printers offer optional Bluetooth® technology interfaces and other connectivity options* and models for printing from many popular Android™ or iOS®-based◊ tablets and smartphones.

Easy to operate and maintain in the field

8.5 wide cut-sheet page printing

The thermal printing technology use in the PocketJet® printers requires no inks, toners or ribbons. There’s only one consumable – premium Brother ™ thermal media, available as cut sheets, on rolls, or as fanfold media, with or without custom preprinting of logos or other data*. So there’s less to go wrong in the field.

*Requires additional purchase.
◊ Requires download of a software development kit from the Brother Developer Center.
All specifications subject to change without notice.
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PocketJet® 6 Plus mobile printer
PocketJet® 6 Plus mobile printer
  • Up to 6ppm, at 300 dpi resolution
  • Prints up to 8.5" wide
  • Compact – only 10" x 2" x 1.25"
PocketJet® 6 Plus mobile printer
PocketJet® 6 mobile printer
All the features of the PocketJet® 6 Plus, but with:
  • Up to 6ppm, at 200 dpi resolution
PocketJet® 673 mobile printer
PocketJet® 673 mobile printer
All the features of the PocketJet® 6 Plus, but for:
  • Printing from Apple® iPad® and iPhone® devices◊
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