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High-Speed Laser Multi-Function Copier with Advanced Duplex and Networking

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Missing Something
October 11, 2012
By TNWHSE from Tennessee
This purchase was a great one, for speed, scanning, copying, and printing. However, I also needed my All-In-One (Multi-Function) machine to have a fax and it did not. That was VERY disappointing. What office is complete without a FAX, and stand-alone faxes are difficult to find these days if you want laser quality at a good price since all your other needs are met with the 8155DN.
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Use Small Business (Up to 25 Employees)
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Overall Rating: 5 out of 5
Very Pleased
September 15, 2012
By danielxzxzxzx from MA
Working fine for 2 months at home. Software install was a breeze on Win 7 Pro. Dead quiet in deep sleep; I think the only thing that is on is the LCD; no fan at all. Regular sleep doesn't seem too loud, but it's in the other room so it's hard to judge that. Prints and copies look great. Can barely tell at 12 points, but it may be just slightly less crisp than the uber expensive printers at the corporate office. You need a magnifying glass to see that though. I only print 5-10 pages a week. It's way more printer than I really need, but I wanted the high resolution this printer has to print music, which has lots of tiny marks and curves. Music looks great. Everything works. From deep sleep, 3 pages are printed by the time I walk to the other room. The desktop software has no stupid pop-ups and slow progress windows. It just prints super fast. The first time I printed I didn't think anything even happened so I tried printing a couple more times. When I went to the printer, they were all sitting there! Now I know, if you hit the print button, it printed. I'll never buy an inkjet again. I had three and they all stopped working in one year. I expect the ink to last for years. It will probably loose its ability to retain a charge before I deplete it, so I plan to stick with the smaller size cartridges. Time and humidity will eventually kill any laser ink, but I have central air so I think it should last for years. Images like Google Maps are not as defined as on an inkjet, but still perfectly legible. If you need to print pro quality photos, you may need something else, but that's not what lasers are for. But even photos would be acceptable for internal use. I've had no jams or anything; it just works. I'm using HP laserjet 24 lb. paper.
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Use Home (Personal Use)
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