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High-Speed Laser Printer with Wireless Networking and Duplex

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Overall Rating: 5 out of 5
Completely Satisfactory
July 6, 2013
By HectorG from St. George, Utah
It was nice to see the quality of packaging when this printer was delivered, a well designed box for safely transporting the printer. It was quite easy to remove the printer from its package nest.
This printer has almost every feature I wanted; I do hope to find a second tray to complete my wish list. I just didn't have the funds to purchase the tray when I acquired the printer. Duplex printing is a requirement and I am pleasantly surprised at this printer's speed when using the duplex function. In fact I'm pleased with the printer's speed in general.
The printer has a nice, non-shiny, textured, conservative appearance and looks very comfortable next to my iMac. The physical design is tasteful.
The versatile and well-performing fold-out top tray works very well, and feels robust. I use it regularly and it has been absolutely reliable.
I am completely satisfied with the control functions. The controls are adequate, convenient, and simple, and the display is quite readable. The cancel button is readily at hand, and responds immediately with no jamming of paper. This is not the case with many printers I've used. The menu structure is fine but extensive, so do print it out from the online user guide before using the menu controls. Yes, it can be done by guess-and-try, but that uses unnecessary time and paper.
The user guide, incidentally, has quickly provided any information I've needed or wanted. The index is quite easy to use, and clicking on a page number in the index immediately takes you to that page. Well done, Brother.
For me the operating noise is quite acceptable-my wife and I quickly became used to it and really don't hear it anymore. Like dogs--you hear your neighbor's, but not your own when it barks outside. When not printing the machine is silent. It quickly comes out of sleep mode when printing is required. There has been no hint of a paper jam in the several weeks we've had the printer. My printing is mostly on 24 or 20 pound paper, with an occasional, (not frequent), heavier cover stock using the flat output tray at the rear of the printer.
A little thing: all of my printers have little felt pads that eliminate rattling noises from the various parts. (I use many of these--all of my cupboard doors, the doors inside the house, and anything I can stop from rattling or closing with a hard sound. The felt adds a sense of quality. I've not yet found a rattle on this Brother. Most unusual in my experience with so many plastics being used.
The quality of the print, regardless of font size, is absolutely satisfactory. I find graphics, which I use regularly, are printed well with this printer. Both B&W and colour graphics. (The colour prints in B&W of course.)
The Brother was installed easily on our wireless network, working with two iMacs and a Macbook. I did, experimentally, hook it up for a short trial with the ethernet port, and it functioned well.
I might explain that I purchased this B&W printer because I refill my inkjet cartridges with a high-quality ink at very low cost, and can thus print in colour inexpensively. But for speed and convenience, the Brother can't be beat, so "I have the best of both worlds". The Brother is our workhorse printer. It was a great choice for my purposes.
It is not uncommon for me to be asked what equipment I'm using, and I can both recommend and demonstrate this printer to a friend. Enthusiastically.
Expertise Advanced Amateur
Use Home (Personal Use)
Brother products owned More than 5
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Overall Rating: 3 out of 5
Brother was difficult to work with
July 3, 2013
By JerryZ from Philadelphia PA
Drum failed less than a week out of warranty. Had to go through 6 people before one person agreed to be flexible. Entire machine was replaced, but not the drum. Another failure. Drum was then replaced. Machine is fine now. Print is clear and quick. Toner cartridge life is as advertised. This is my second Brother printer. The first (MFC-7340) is still going strong.
Expertise Professional or Expert
Use Home Office (Business Use)
Brother products owned 3
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Overall Rating: 4 out of 5
Good machine for reasonable price
May 14, 2013
By Happy32
Unfortunately as with other manufacturers, the toner is the expensive item in the long run. And I have no clue why I had to replace a cartridge that weighed the same as the new one I put in. But there is no choice because the machine just refuses to work until it determines it has a new one.
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Overall Rating: 4 out of 5
Fine overall, with problems
February 28, 2013
By JohnCC
We've had the printer for about 6 weeks in a home office. It works very well, it's fast, and the price was good. It’s on Ethernet, so haven’t tried the Wi-Fi connection.

Some drawbacks: (1) I wish it were a little quieter. (2) Like the Brother MFC 9560 CDW that we also use, it makes the lights flicker when it starts to print something; doesn't seem to be causing any damage but it sure doesn’t inspire confidence. (3) The printer started nagging about “low toner” when almost half the toner was left – an irritating message every time we printed something and every time we rebooted for about 2 weeks! Very annoying. (4) We had to replace the initial toner cartridge after only 2372 pages, 20% less than it’s supposed to provide; hope the new high-capacity TN-750 I just installed lives up to its advertised 8,000 pages.
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