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"The bottom line is that P-touch labels look great, they stay in place, and you can't beat the convenience."
Graves & Allen

Fast Facts
Client: Graves & Allen
Industry:   Legal
Situation:   Need to organize critical legal files, equipment and exhibits
Solution:   P-touch® electronic labeling systems

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The Company
Graves & Allen
The Story

Being a lawyer isn't easy. Staying on top of ever-changing laws and client needs is no simple task. Combine that with keeping pace with all the technology needed to run an efficient practice, and it's enough to make you wish you'd gone instead for a Masters of Fine Arts. Fortunately, time- and tech-strapped attorneys can turn to one of their own for help - Jeffrey Allen, a self-described "gadget freak" and a principal at Graves & Allen (Oakland, CA). In addition to being a lawyer, Allen is the Special Issue Editor of GPSolo Technology & Practice Guide, where he evaluates and writes about tech tools that help make managing a practice easier.
In any law firm, keeping organized and clearly labeled files and exhibits are crucial. You can't afford to lose track of critical client data or vital court documents. Allen has tried and tested a variety of labelers from different companies but says he likes the P-touch electronic labeling system best. "I've been using P-touch® labelers for years; they're easy-to-use and I like the labels that they produce. They're fast, clean, and neat, and they stay in place better than standard labels." The durability and adhesiveness of the labels is important to Allen, who needs to access files quickly. If a label falls off, he loses valuable time until someone can track down the file.
P-touch Solution
Allen also appreciates the attractive results that P-touch labels create. "I can choose from a variety of font styles and sizes, as well as different models from handhelds to desktops, to computer label printers," he says. "The model I use works with my computer, so I can quickly create labels with multiple lines and even import graphics. The results are very neat and clean and last a long time. Another plus is the variety of colored tapes - I can use them to color code my filing system."

In his role as a legal technologist, Allen takes on the guise of a road warrior and travels the country presenting to attorneys on a variety of topics including using technology in the practice of law. Not only has he presented the P-touch system at such events, he uses it to label his portable equipment - laptop, cell phone, recording device, digital camera, or any other items he may have on hand. "When I travel, I often carry a lot of equipment with me," says Allen. "If I should lose or leave any of it behind, the only chance I have of getting it back is if I have labeled it with my contact information. P-touch systems let me make almost any size label I need, and I know it'll stay in place."
As a business tool, Allen considers the P-touch an excellent choice. "The device is very affordable, and while the labels may cost a little more initially, over the life of a case, the benefits outweigh the cost. I'm willing to bet I'd spend more than the difference in the initial cost between the labels on the labor required to reapply paper labels and to locate files after a label fell off. The bottom line is that P-touch labels look great, they stay in place, and you can't beat the convenience."