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Toner and Drum System

Genuine Brother laser toner cartridges are designed specifically to work with our system design. Each component of a Brother laser product is designed to work with the other.

All Brother original cartridges are manufactured to the highest possible standards in controlled clean rooms. Each cartridge is rigorously print tested in order that every user can be assured of the quality and performance they expect.

Print resolution and Image Quality

Toner particle size, shape and color pigmentation all have a direct impact on the sharpness of the printed image. Original Brother toner is formulated to meet high quality resolution, grey scale and solid fill images, in line with the product design specifications.

Glossy Finish

Toner particles are combined with a polymeric binder that holds the toner pigment in place in the final image. The binder also provides gloss to images. Original Brother toner is delicately balanced to provide even flow and toner distribution onto the paper.

Bonding of Toner to Paper

Toner particles must be heated above their melting point in order for them to flow onto the paper, cool and become solid. Each Brother laser product is designed to reach a pre-set heating temperature based on the original Brother toner formula. The preset temperature may differ from model to model, due to the product design specifications.