Work smarter, not harder
See some of the ways that people are using the AiRScouter to revolutionize the way they work.

Camera Operation

Don't let your camera limit your creativity!

The AiRScouter is an innovative viewfinder solution for camera operators that takes your head off of the camera so you can keep it in the game!

Get the shot you want with comfort and ease

Stop laying on the ground to line up a low-angle shot and just guessing what you’re filming when you hold your camera over your head to shoot in a crowd.

See what the camera sees in any condition

Get a clear view of what you're shooting, even when you’re working in bright sunlight, instead of fighting to see through the glare on an external monitor.

Drone Operation
Keep an eye on your drone while you see what it's filming

The design of the AiRScouter lets you see what you’re filming without losing visual line-of-sight (VLOS) to your drone. You can make sure that you're framing a shot right or just make sure that you're flying safely and in line with FAA regulations.

Assembly Support
Get your instructions hands-free when you're working hands-on

Work more efficiently by keeping instructions within your field of view. The AiRScouter lets you keep reference materials handy while your hands stay free for other tasks!

Other Uses

There are countless ways that you can use the AiRScouter. Tell us about your application, and we'll help you integrate the AiRScouter into your workflow!

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