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Frequently Asked Questions
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Why are there 180 dpi and 360 dpi templates?

We offer different templates for a variety of label sizes. This ensures that you are able to download the correct template for your printer.

I don't have a Brother Label Printer but would like to try the software first to see how easy it is. Is there a demo available?

Yes. You can download the P-touch Editor software demo here:

My labels need to withstand some really tough environments? Can I get some label samples to try?

Yes. Email us at and let us know about your labeling needs. We'll send a variety of samples to test in your environment.

Are these templates MAC compatible?

No, but you can make them MAC compatible by following these simple steps: Open the template in P-Touch Editor 5.0 then click "Save" from the top menu. In the dialog box, choose "Save as type" and change your .lbl file to an .lbx file.

Will these templates work in other P-Touch machines not listed?

These P-Touch templates will work for any PC-connected machine, however make sure you download the right dpi version of the template depending on what machine you have.

I like the templates but I don't have a P-Touch machine. How do I get more information?

Sales support representatives are available to answer your questions M-F 7:00 am – 4:30 pm US MT. Call 1-800-255-0415 or email us at