Industry Leader

Brother is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of Hypoid Bevel gearmotors. This unique right-angle type gearmotor has much higher power transmission efficiency than conventional worm gears. Growing demand is due to its COMPACTNESS, HIGH EFFICIENCY, and superior wear life, which meet the latest primary requirements for industrial applications.

Brother Hypoid "HRH" Gearing - Right-Angle Gearmotors

Hypoid Gear
  • Longer Life
  • High Reductions/Small Size
  • Mounting in Any Direction
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Low-Noise Brake
  • Maintenance Free
  • Brother Hypoid Gearing

Gearbox Efficiency Comparison - Right-Angle Hypoid/Helical vs. Worm Gear

Hypoid Chart

  • Input Speed - 1800 RPM
  • Hypoid - Grease Lubrication
  • Worm - Oil Lubrication

The graph at left shows actual measured efficiency, 1/4 Hp to 3 Hp.

Because of the high efficiency of the Hypoid/Helical combination, there is no self-locking in the back drive direction.

Big Energy Savings, Smaller Motor Hp Input
Due to the superior efficiency, it is often possible to replace worm gearbox/motor combination with a smaller Hp input in a Hypoid and actually receive greater torque at the driven shaft. Also, with smaller motor Hp, less electrical current is required, resulting in big savings on electric bills.

Brother Helical Gearing - In-Line Gearmotors

Helical Gear
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Longer Life
  • Low-Noise Brake
  • Maintenance Free
  • Mounting in Any Direction
  • Brother Helical Gearing

Spur vs. Helical Gear Comparison

Condition Same Load Rating, 1800 RPM Speed Ration 1:1
Based on Bending Moment Strength
Gear Type Spur Gear Spur Gear Helical Gear
Material S-45C S45C SCM415
Heat Treatment
(typical for Spur type gear)
HRC 50
HRC 60
Helix Angle 0 0 15°
Size Ratios Spur Gear S-45C Spur Gear S45C Helical Gear SCM415
Diagrams and size comparisons reveal that a Spur type gear must be significantly larger to have the same load capacity as the Helical gear.
Size Comparison 113% Larger 82% Larger Reference