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Variable Frequency Drives Designed Specifically for Brother Sub – Fractional Gearmotors

Brother VFDs allow flexibility for the use of 3 phase motors in locations where only single phase power is available. This allows you to achieve the same results while reducing the number of components involved.

Providing benefits such as more precise operations control and reduced energy consumption, VFDs are particularly suitable for gearmotors included in machines typically found in a wide range of sectors including packing, materials handling, food processing and industrial applications.

Brother Gearmotors VFD CAD Image

Benefits of Brother’s Variable Frequency Drive:

  • Quality
    Same Brother quality and available for immediate shipping from our US facility
  • Cost Savings
    Optimized and designed specifically for Brother’s sub-fractional gearmotors
  • Delivery
    Available for immediate shipping from our US facility
  • Ease of Doing Business
    Purchase a VFD and gearmotor from Brother without having to use multiple vendors

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