Fit-Hoop Function
The automatic resize function automatically resizes your lettering and designs to the maximum size that will fit into your chosen hoop...even a custom-designed hoop! This fit-to-hoop function takes the guesswork out of figuring what size embroidery design will fill your hoop. It holds the aspect ratio of your resized designs. Be sure to check out the recommended font and decorative design sizes when planning your creations.
Multiple Lines of Text
BES Lettering can also easily handle multiple lines of text--such as poems, birth and wedding announcements or favorite sayings—and there's no tedious measuring needed to make sure lines are evenly spaced. As you finish a line of type, just hit the "enter" key to begin a new line of text with auto-measured accuracy!

One-of-a-kind projects are possible with multiple lettering styles and sizes created in independent blocks.
On-Screen Typing
Create instant lettering by just clicking on the work area on-screen and typing-it's that simple! The convenient on-screen typing feature works just like your computer's word-processing application. You can easily change the text look or make edits all in the same work screen.
Built-In Recipes
There's no more mystery about stitch densities, needle types and stabilizers when you use BES Lettering's unique built-in recipes to coordinate lettering with your chosen project fabrics and recommended stabilizers and needle types. The recipe functionality provides the ability to change the machine format and set the fabric type for each individual project. With just a few clicks, that delicate scarf easily becomes a beautifully monogrammed gift. Or maybe you want to monogram a quilted handbag that is heavier than your typical projects. Just set the built-in recipe to accommodate the heavier fabric and you're ready to stitch.
Multiple Windows Open
BES Lettering lets you keep multiple design windows open so you can work on several projects at the same time, copying, pasting and combining between the various windows to your artistic content. Use this capability to maximize use of BES Lettering's extensive design resources. If you can't decide which motif looks best with your lettering, just open up a variety of files, and copy and paste from one file to another until you've created the perfect look.
Saving A Working File
Get interrupted? No problem! Save your lettering designs in a working format called .brf, and then easily resume editing later. After saving in .brf mode, you will still be able to save the design in a desired stitch format, such as .pes or .dst to stitch out on your embroidery machine.
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