Editing has really never been so straightforward! BES Lettering is remarkably easy to understand, regardless of whether you're a beginner or ultra-advanced embroiderer. You'll quickly master editing height, width, kerning, shape, rotation and stitch pattern of a text style.
Special functions give you the ability to change the color of just a single letter or a group of letters within a text segment. Individual lettering or design components can be easily aligned vertically, horizontally and centered. This is perfect for poems and phrases where different font styles and sizes have been combined.
With its advanced editing features, BES Lettering practically re-defines the concept of flexibility in embroidery lettering. You may want to expand the space between letters to avoid a seam...this is easily done with BES Lettering's powerful editing capabilities!
"Say it" in just about any style, with the 156 pre-digitized fonts built into BES Lettering, including appliqué, script, steil, running stitch, blended, decorative fonts and classic monogram styles. Say it in nearly any size, too. BES Lettering fonts range from high-quality 4 and 5 mm fonts to generous fonts that will literally fill your embroidery hoop! Use the font properties box to make changes quickly, and immediately review those changes on-screen. Plus, use the thousands of TrueType fonts that may be living in your computer. Just put a check next to the TTF button in the properties box and suddenly you have a lot more lettering choices.
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Built-In Monogram Styles
Use BES Lettering's 11 monogram font styles and 7 decorative monogram frames-which accommodate both classic and contemporary letter arrangements—to personalize with tone and style, as well as letters. Monogram font styles can also be used by themselves, making them perfect for dress shirt pockets, cuffs, bags and collar points.
Text Styles
Who says your lettering has to all be on straight lines? BES Lettering gives you five editable text styles for your creations, including a normal straight line, classic monogram style, vertical or circular arrangements and a path that you define. It's simple: Pick a style, type in the phrase and it appears on the screen in your chosen arrangement. If you don't like it, just do it again! Try out a business name in a vertical configuration, and then with one-click convenience, test its appeal in a circular path.
Resizable Decorative Designs
Style, variety and versatility are built into BES Lettering, giving you the maximum creativity possible with a lettering program. The 227 resizable designs-including frames, borders, accents and appliqué shapes —easily combine with 156 built-in font styles to create customized personalization, logos and monograms. The easy-but-impressive appliqué shapes and border styles can add special decorative flair to garments, and help save you time and money, too. Try this for your next baby gift: select a phrase like "Bath Time" and then choose a creative border to place over the top and bottom as a decorative accent. Or use that strategy on a gift, monogramming the recipient's name or initials over an appliquéd shape with personal appeal.
Carved Fill Patterns
What makes a fill-stitched font more exciting? A touch of texture. And you easily can add that to your lettering with any of the 197 built-in carved fill patterns. Larger lettering looks exquisite with a carved fill pattern. Sprinkle this dash of texture into your lettering using BES Lettering's 156 pre-digitized fonts. Plus, there are 14 standard fill patterns to use for just a touch of texture or for those fonts that may be too large or detailed for the intricate carved fill patterns.
Envelope Functionality
BES Lettering helps you create convex, concave, bridge or pennant-shaped lettering designs. Use the software's pre-designed shape envelopes to type in your lettering and make one-of-a-kind designs where the shape helps tell the story. Apply imagination to a word with the simple touch of a button.
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