Like many software programs currently on the market, BES Lettering's tabbed structure is organized for an embroiderer's ease. All features and functions appear, with no need to dive into any subcategories. You'll love the way the tool bars guide you in creating a monogram or lettering design. Then use the simulator function at the bottom of the screen to "stitch" your design on-screen, and see how it will appear when embroidered.
Customizable Workspace

The software's docked sequence view and properties pane can be customized to give you optimum use of your on-screen workspace, especially when you're merging a design into lettering or working on two different designs at once. The various panes or windows can be minimized, hidden, folded into a side column or floated around the screen until you're ready to work with them again.
Sequence View
Use the sewing sequence function to analyze how a lettering design is created. This helps you make color changes, delete sections of a design, identify stitch types and change the sewing order of individual segments. It's a great way to fine-tune your design before you hit the "sew" button.
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