Pacesetter Polyester and Cotton Thread Sets
Choose from 50 colors of Egyptian long-fiber cotton thread (500 yards per spool) or 61 colors of high-sheen, durable polyester thread (1,100 yards per spool). Both sets are packaged on mini-king spools on a decorative wooden rack and keyed to colors on Brother embroidery cards.
Brother Embroidery Cards
The diverse collection includes something for everyone, from licensed products to floral, geometric, seasonal, whimsical, traditional, lacy, juvenile, elegant and sporty designs...and more! Designs you’re certain to sew—in a time-tested, easy-to-use format.
PE-Design Software
With PE-DESIGN® 8 software creating unique embroidery projects is easier than ever. Turn just about any image into a stitch file, edit your designs for nearly unlimited flexibility, enhance designs with your own unique fill stitches and create embroidery fonts. The built-in auto digitizing function converts artwork to embroidery. It also has a comprehensive database cataloging system so you can quickly and effortlessly retrieve designs whenever you need them.
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