Quickly identify program functions with intuitive icons
Customize favorite operations on the toolbar
Watch it sew on screen with the sewing simulator
Edit your embroidery while viewing a realistic image of it

Design library, with various designs and shapes including
  Rectangle, Circle, Heart and Star

Automatically convert image into embroidery with the
  PhotoStitch™, Auto-Punch and Cross Stitch functions

Design stitch count is automatically recalculated when
  your design is resized

Scale, Rotate, Flip designs
Create custom hoop sizes - perfect for most brands of
  embroidery macines

Organize stitch files
Print out your templates

Easily scan almost anything with this versatile, compact and easy to
use color scanner

With the patented flip-scan technology, scan just about anything - framed
photos or art, pages in boundbooks or scrapbooks, quilts, wallpaper or fabrics.
Or, use it to scan standard 4x6 photos, old coins or medals. The scanned
image is automatically saved as a JPG image to the included SD card.

The Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner is perfect for crafting, scrapbooking, memory
making or preserving memories. Use it in combination with the PhotoStitch™
feature in our PE-DESIGN® Embroidery Design Software and you can turn your
scanned images into embroidered works of art!

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